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Switzerland: Why it Tops Every Traveler’s Itinerary

The Land of Alps, Watches and Chocolate

Mount Saentis, Switzerland

Why visit Switzerland? Let’s face it, our lives have been taken over by 5-day work weeks, hours stuck in traffic and annoying social notifications. The world needs a break from the hustle of a modern lifestyle, you need a break.

Oeschinen Lake, Kandersteg, Switzerland
Photo by Pascal Debrunner (Unsplash)

Switzerland is a nation of 4-languages, German, French, Italian and Romansh. It is thus a perfect union of these cultures giving this country a rich heritage worth looking into. Some 1000 museums are spread throughout the country. Moreover, Switzerland has proudly maintained a neutral status through the various wars that plagued Europe and the world, Geneva, therefore, holds a great symbolic presence in the world, representing peace, harmony, and unity. The climate in Switzerland generally temperate yet diverse, ranging from glacial conditions on mountain tops to nearly Mediterranean conditions in the southern parts of the nation.

Alps Mustair Switzerland
Alps Mustair Switzerland

Your first reaction to Switzerland will be of pure awe. Be it the steepest train journey in the world to Jungfrau – The Top of Europe at 11317 ft or sparkling blue lakes with majestic snow-capped mountains in the backdrop, the Swiss experience is truly incredible. No other nation gives out a vibe as progressive and positive as Switzerland, or an environment so fierce and yet so beautiful. There is a sense of harmony as you board the cable car on your way down from Mount Pilatus in the beautiful city of Lucerne and overlook a vast valley graced by beautiful wooden houses with lush green surroundings of Lucerne, a beautiful city. Their inhabitants waving at you with wide smiles and love.

Step into the cities like Lucerne or Zurich, which are well organized, neat and untouched by the polluting effect of never-ending traffic. Instead, you will find citizens peacefully cycling or roller-skating to their destinations. Lakeside Lucerne is a view you’ll never forget, with boats sailing through the cruising wind, it makes for an extremely romantic getaway. Enjoy Interlaken’s chocolate factories or go for a sightseeing tour to Mount Titlis near Zurich, or both, the choice is yours. Everything about Switzerland is peaceful, safe and competent. The cities are relaxing, the countryside is a philosopher’s delight.

Lake Walensee, Switzerland
Lake Walensee, Switzerland

Whether you’re a romantic, an adrenaline junky looking for a challenge, or just on a lookout for a good vacation, Switzerland has something for you. Trekking, Skiing, Rock climbing, rafting are only some of the many adventure sports in Switzerland. Traveling through this country in the famous ‘Swiss Rail’ as you come across one lake after the other or walking through the city of Interlaken admiring its beautiful architecture, there is never a dull moment. You will also find here, a large collection of souvenirs of the highest quality. The Swiss Watch, Swiss chocolates, the multipurpose and extremely functional Swiss knife, Swiss cheese, all manufactured through high-quality craftsmanship and experience of generations.

Switzerland in Photos

Why is Switzerland the greatest country in the world? Because it’s beautiful, it’s natural, it’s peaceful and loving. it nurtures you and encourages your compassion, it’s magical.

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Written by Lakshya Tyagi

Engineering Student who’s travelled the world, inspired by diversity and empowered by the pen.


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