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Bangalore: 18 Places to Visit and Explore (Tourist Guide)

A tourist guide to exploring Bangalore (1 day, 3 days)

Photo Credit: Amith Nag

Bangalore – known as the Silicon Valley of India – is one of the most vibrant and charming cities, teeming with multitudes of people from across the country. Known for its booming IT industry, the city offers you a multitude of sightseeing options, for here is where you will find lush-green gardens and parks, beautiful lakes and splendid buildings of architectural wonder. Millions of people visit Bangalore every year and wonder what they can do in this bustling cosmopolitan city. So here is the list of places you can explore if you are planning to do a trip to one of the most happening cities in India.

1. Lalbagh Botanical Garden

Lalbhag, Bangalore
Photo Credit: Amith Nag

An enchanting garden located in the southern part of Bengaluru, sprawling over an area of 240 acres, dotted with innumerable trees that are adorned with vibrant flowers. Laid out by the erstwhile emperor Haider Ali in 1760 and completed by his son Tipu Sultan, this beautiful garden is home to diverse species of plants, imported from various countries. It was built along the lines of the Mughal gardens. Just stroll through the garden and you will find grassy earth mounds, flower beds, fountains and pools, and layers of rock formations that attract geologists from across the world.

The clock tower, the imposing glass house, the rose garden with myriads of colourful roses, the beautiful lake, the Kempe Gowda tower and the Japanese monument are some of its iconic attractions. And if you are here during the Republic Day or the Independence Day, you will be fortunate enough to witness the grand flower show which has been conducted every year since 1889.

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