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A Traveler’s Guide to Swiss Chocolates – The Willy Wonka Experience

A Trip to the Chocolate Factory in Switzerland is Mandatory

Swiss Chocolates

Switzerland is famous for many things, and Swiss chocolates tops the list. These delicious Swiss Chocolates attract tourists from all across the world to Switzerland. Many of us are aware of the mesmerizing taste and texture of the Swiss Chocolates, but few know how they are made.

Lindt Petits Chocolates
Lindt Petits (Wikipedia)

What makes Swiss Chocolates, so special?

The milk produced by the cows in Switzerland are denser and less aerated because of the altitude of the region. The cows that graze in the Swiss Alpine region and milked contain lesser fats but are high in sugars. This milk is called Alpine Milk. These characteristics of the milk make the Swiss chocolate very tasty and are famous.

The chocolate factories in Switzerland are nothing short of the Willy Wonka’s Fantasy World. The Swiss people take the art of chocolate making very seriously and are very proud of it. This secret has been passed down generations and they have managed to keep the quality premium. You can take a guided tour of the chocolate factories and indulge in some freshly prepared chocolates at these factories.

Here is a list of Chocolate Factories we recommend you visit:

1. ChocoWelt Factory

Aeschbach Chocolatier ChocoWelt
Aeschbach Chocolatier ChocoWelt (Wikipedia)

Aeschbach Chocolatier’s ChocoWelt (a.ka ChocoWorld) has a chocolate factory, cafe, and a chocolate shop. Immerse yourself in the world of pleasure and experience the world of chocolate with all your senses. Learn all about the history of chocolate and the preparation of their tempting specialties on an interactive tour. You can opt to create your own chocolates and take them home. Aeschbach Chocolatier is the exclusive producers of chocolate coins in Switzerland.

2. Choco emotionS

Choco emotionS
Photo Credit: Choco emotionS

On entering the Suchard’s Choco EmotionS factory is to enter a world of wonders, delights, and enchantments. A place where you feel inspired and you do not want to leave. Catherine Vallana is a chocolate fairy, she brings the magic of Suchard chocolate artistry to life. They organize workshops and various tasting sessions for visitors.

3. The Maison Cailler

The Maison Cailler
Photo Credit: The Maison Cailler

The journey at The Maison Cailler begins with Aztec cocoa ceremonies and takes you through to today’s chocolate innovations. Touch roasted cocoa beans and follow your nose towards the irresistible scent of freshly made chocolate. The chocolate tasting will titillate your taste buds with the aromas of exquisite cocoa, fresh Alpine milk, and the best ingredients.

In the workshops, their chocolatiers will introduce you to the art of tempering, conching, and ganache-making. You can enjoy their famous hot chocolate at the Café Cailler.

4. The Laderach Chocolate Experience

The Laderach Chocolate Experience
Photo Credit: The Laderach

The Laderach Chocolate Experience takes you from the forests where cocoa beans are grown to the packaging facilities where they are manufactured and distributed across the world. Visitors are allowed a peek into how the chocolates are produced.

A variety of tasting stations – from the bitter beginning of cocoa mass to the seductive selection of Laderach Chocolates. You can order for a customized labeled fresh chocolate of any shape and ingredients you choose from to have your own freshChocolate to gift to your loved ones.

5. Maestrani’s Chocolarium

Maestrani's Chocolarium
Photo Credit: Maestrani’s Chocolarium

Maestrani is best known for their Minor Chocolate Sticks. The tour consists of chocolate discovery through various attractively colored rooms. Their 100-meter long chocolate machine is fascinating. The self-guided tour ends with a funky chocolate workshop where you can decorate and customize your very own chocolate bar, all the while snacking on Minor bars. You can have a hands-on chocolate molding and baking courses as well.

In a nutshell, The Swiss love making chocolates and we love eating them. It’s more fulfilling to savor the Swiss chocolates once you have seen and experienced how it’s made. It really makes you appreciate how culturally rich some of the most common things in our lives are.

What are your favorite Swiss Chocolates? Let us know in the comments below.

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