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12 Travel Tips while going on a Holiday

A bit of preparation and awareness goes a long way.

Road Trip

Traveling requires a lot of preparation and here are a few travel tips that help you have a smooth experience.

1. Confirmation of travel

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Make sure that your tickets and all the other documents are cross-checked with authorities for confirmation and have a backup copy of them in case you lose it.

2. Currency

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Avoid carrying a lot of cash when you travel and also have some backup money in your suitcase or a bag in case you lose your wallet.

3. Travel light

Travel Packing
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If you want to make your holiday a wonderful experience do not carry lot of baggage, you are there to unwind and not to look great or work.

4. Research

World Map
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If you are going to a destination for the first time then you better do a research of the place by asking people who have already been there or search for reviews on the internet. And also have a close look at the map so you know where you need to be headed.

5. Keeping in touch

Staying Connected
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No one wants to get disturbed while on holiday but always make it a point to inform someone about your whereabouts so if anything goes wrong you can be tracked.

6. Don’t go out with strangers

Avoid Strangers
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This may sound like a mommy’s advice – In real it is not safe to trust a stranger when you are not on your turf, it can lead to a dreadful ending

7. Medication

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If you have a medical condition where you need to take medication on a regular basis, first check with your doctor and carry them along with other generic medicines like painkillers.

8. Try out the local cuisine

Local Cuisine
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If you eat food that you eat at home then there is no point going on a holiday. A holiday is all about experiencing something new. So go on and savour the local cuisine.

9. Be offline

Being Offline
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Try not to switch your laptop and smart phone on and going online because that would end in getting you worried about the situation back home and the entire holiday can go down the drain

10. Commuting

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When holidaying in unknown destination always use public transport to travel around as it is safer and there is also a very little chance of getting conned or getting in trouble.

11. Identification

Personal ID
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Make sure wherever you are traveling you have some kind of identity proof so that when something goes wrong you can be identified.

12. Hotel

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Make sure the hotel you are staying is safe and is a legal hotel; always ask receipt of your booking and have it with you at all times.

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Written by Maniek Agarwal

A Sagittarian Trader, born and brought in Bengaluru. Dropped out of college to start a venture in the capital market. Been trading for past 8 years, had been an Event Manager, Producer and a distributor for a lubricant brand. Traveled a lot, and love to explore food.


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